One Innovative Company is Helping the Fight Against Dengue

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The number of dengue cases in the country has reached alarming levels.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) noted in its July 2016 report that the global incidence of dengue has grown dramatically in recent decades and that about half of the world’s population is now at risk.

It admits there is no specific treatment for dengue, but early detection and access to proper medical care lowers fatality rates to below one percent.

The WTO also described last year as characterized by large dengue outbreaks worldwide, with the Philippines reporting more than 169,000 cases, representing a 59.5 percent increase in case numbers from the previous year. In the first half of 2016 alone, there were around 59,000 dengue cases, 31 percent more than the comparable period in 2015. Around 263 have died, compared to 159 last year.

One innovative company is helping the fight against dengue.

Philab Industries, a pioneer in the healthcare business in the Philippines, is expanding to healthcare science and technology bringing in the most advanced diagnostic tools to the country.

Source: Philstar (link opens in a new window)

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