OPINION: Sterlisation deaths: A rotten healthcare system continues to play havoc in Chhattisgarh

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The sterilization camp that left 13 women dead and many battling for life has exposed the rotten healthcare system in Chhattisgarh, yet again.

Without ruling out the negligence of the doctors, which the state government was quick to point fingers to, serious doubts are being raised about the quality of the medicines and equipment that are being used in the state-run hospitals. A serious demand is being made to investigate the politician-official- supplier- nursing home nexus in the state.

The state policy in the last few years underwent changes resulting in the centralized purchase of the drugs and equipment. Except for the emergency medicines at the district hospital level, all supplies are procured by a committee directly under the supervision of the state health minister. Now, with deaths making headlines other deficiencies in the healthcare system are coming into focus too. It is hardly surprising that certain sections have been demanding action against Health Minister Amar Agarwal.

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