OPINION: Taking Bitcoin Beyond the Banked

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Seven months ago, the Bitcoin Foundation formed the Committee for Financial Inclusion. Andreas Antonopoulos was to head it, and things looked promising for a while.

Since then, however, Antonopoulos has stepped down, following concerns about the foundation’s management. “No one stepped up as a replacement,” said one senior executive at the foundation. Another confirmed that the Committee for Financial Inclusion was on hold for now.

In the meantime, most of the industry development around bitcoin – this levelling force that has so much potential for the unbanked – still seems to be run by a collection of people who are decidedly banked.

This begs the question: what part do the unbanked play in bitcoin, its use and evolution?

We can look at two bodies of evidence to find out who runs the industry atop this decentralized network: who’s talking about bitcoin, and who owns it.

Source: Coin Desk (link opens in a new window)

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