Oxxy Moves to Launch World’s Largest Transparent, Affordable Hospital Chain

Friday, August 28, 2015

Spending on healthcare is a key component of a household's monthly budget. Any unforeseen illness that requires expert consultation or hospitalization or undergo a medical procedure burdens the pocket.

Here's where Oxxy comes in handy. A user-friendly web portal that not only offers guaranteed discount on medical costs but also endeavours to make healthcare and medical services more affordable and transparent.

Oxxy is now India's largest healthcare network, spanning over 1,500 cities and a tie-up with over 1 lakh medical centers across the country, where a user gets guaranteed discounts at the affiliated health centers. Instant discounts codes can be availed through its responsive website and customer service team.

Valued at over US$ 2 billion, Oxxy is set to launch a chain of hospitals, under a different brand name, in metros and a few other cities in next few months. These hospitals will be from 50 to 500-bed capacity.


Source: The Times of India (link opens in a new window)

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