September 16

Viewpoint: Palm Oil: Sustainability Is a Shared Problem

By Dato Carl Bek-Nielsen

Oil palm producers have for the last 15 years become the lightning rod for the public’s growing anger on issues relating to deforestation, global warming, subpar labor practices and transboundary haze.

Only a silent few have questioned these allegations, leading the vast majority of the public to swallow these headlines hook, line and sinker — leaving the narrative unchallenged. It is as if the endless supply of information in today’s modern era, through quick and easy forms of digital content has reached a point of overload.

Sadly, it has worn us down and induced a premature form of mental fatigue, taking away our ability to distinguish between credible research and catchy “clickbait”, and ultimately what is right and wrong, and whether we should even question it.

Photo courtesy of Friends of the Earth International.

Source: The Jakarta Post (link opens in a new window)

Agriculture, Environment