January 26

Pearl Recycling’s Simple but Creative Approach Towards Tackling Climate Change in Nigeria

By Sheriff Oshin

Despite the scorching heat that afternoon, Sanya sat in a restaurant opposite his house to catch the second half of the Champions League finals. Every second, the room became even hotter as the heat overpowered the capacity of all four air conditioners. At that moment, he asked himself a very crucial question, was this unbearable weather in any way related to recent warnings about climate change? It wasn’t until one of the staff changed the station for a news update, that everyone present was taken aback by reports of the restaurant’s greenhouse gas emission. Clearly , it had been constituting a hazard and something had to be done.

Earth’s temperature is currently at 0.99 °C, and nineteen of the 20 warmest years we have witnessed occurred around 2001. It doesn’t help that according to a NASA Climate Change report, some of the devastating effects of climate change on our environment are heat waves, heavy downpour, erosion, rising sea-levels, drought, increased temperature, wildfires and many more.

However, while there are many who remain in the ‘dark’ or appear unbothered about the state of things, there are others taking conscious measures to make the earth a better place. Olamide Ayeni-Babajide, the founder of Pearl Recycling, is one of such individuals.

Photo courtesy of Jilbert Ebrahimi.

Source: Ventures Africa (link opens in a new window)

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