April 28

PepsiCo to Convert Waste into Fertiliser and Electricity in South Africa

By Inès Magoum

A food waste-to-energy plant is being built at Simba Chips, PepsiCo’s Johannesburg site in South Africa. The American soft drink and food giant wants to reduce its methane emissions in the southern African country, as well as its dependence on the national electricity grid.

Pepsico is determined to reduce its methane emissions in South Africa. The American group, which manufactures the famous “Pepsi” brand of beverage, as well as food products, is developing an energy recovery project for food waste at its Simba Chips site in Johannesburg. Pepsico has entrusted the work to the South African company Tecroveer, which specialises in water and waste treatment.

Photo courtesy of Ja San Miguel.

Source: Afrik21 (link opens in a new window)

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