Technology works, people don’t

Friday, May 6, 2005

Study of pilot project using mobile phones for healthcare in Africa finds that technology works, but implementation, management and human factors are real hurdles. has conducted an in-depth investigation of a pilot project by the Cape Town Health Directorate that tested innovative uses of mobile phone technology to improve the treatment of Tuberculosis (TB) in its clinics. This is part of the City’s efforts to find better, and more cost-effective, methods for enhancing patient adherence to treatment regimes.
The treatment of TB in Cape Town offers a good setting to explore whether and how mobile phones can be used in healthcare. South Africa has one of the most alarming TB epidemics in the world. And the damp climate, poor living conditions and high prevalence of HIV/AIDS make Cape Town a hot spot for TB. At the same time, South Africa’s mobile phone market is large; in June 2004 there were 18.7 million registered mobile phone subscribers out of a population of 46 million. Further, mobile phones are widely used by low income groups, although usually only for receiving calls and text messages (which is free with a basic service plan).
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Source: OneWorld Africa