July 17

Pivot and Persist: Analytics Startup Uses AI to Monitor Social Distancing Amid Coronavirus

By Shreya Ganguly

As India opens up after the coronavirus-led lockdown, startups across India are stepping up to join the COVID-19 fight with innovative solutions.

Pune-based Glimpse Analytics has repurposed its AI-based analytics device to alert stores or offices in case of social distancing and occupancy limit violations. It also monitors PPE compliance and sends out an alert in case people are not wearing masks.

Founded in 2018 by Kedar Pataki, Darshika Joshi, and Kakshil Shah, former colleagues at Mazkara Internet, Glimpse Analytics’ AI solution uses existing CCTV cameras in stores or offices to provide customer analytics, data on customers, employees, and merchandise to brick-and-mortar retailers.

Photo courtesy of TRD Studios.

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