April 5

Press Release: CapShift Releases Guide to Sustainable and Regenerative Food And Agriculture Investing

CapShift has released “How to Invest in Sustainable and Regenerative Food and Agriculture,” a guide to understanding the complex landscape of food and agriculture investing. The food and agriculture space touches on climate change, economic opportunity, health and nutrition, animal welfare, and more and is seeing growing interest among ultra-high-net worth families. This report provides a framework to help families assess their impact goals and a review of some investable food and agriculture solutions.

Some major take-aways from the report include:

• Private investments and catalytic capital have a large role to play in addressing the social and environmental problems in the food and agriculture systems; there are a myriad opportunities for investment in food and agriculture that span asset classes, sectors, and geographies

• Food and agriculture systems encompass everything from farms and fisheries to distributors and retailers to science and technology; these systems have a massive impact on our world – for people, planet, and animals. Investments in these systems can have a chain reaction of impact for all three.

• The farm to consumption cycle can be used as an effective lens through which to evaluate opportunities to invest in a circular food and agriculture system

The report provides a look at some unique impact investment opportunities and offers a visualization of the intersectionality of investable solutions across the food and agriculture space. It is a playbook for how families interested in building an integrated impact investment strategy in the food and agriculture space can get started.

Download the primer to learn about how investments may help catalyze positive change in the global food and agriculture systems.

Photo courtesy of CDG.

Source: CapShift (link opens in a new window)

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