Press release: Cornerstone Capital Group Approaches $1 Billion in Assets Under Management

Monday, January 22, 2018

Cornerstone Capital Group (“Cornerstone” or “the Company”), today announced that its assets under management (AUM) now total nearly $1 billion.  The Company, founded in 2013, achieved this milestone in just three years since becoming a registered investment adviser (RIA) in late 2014. Cornerstone is one of the fastest organically growing RIAs in history, and now ranks in the top 15thpercentile among U.S. RIAs in terms of AUM.

Cornerstone Capital Group provides investment advisory and wealth management services to individuals, family offices, endowments, and foundations through offices in New York and Denver. The Company also offers corporate advisory services to organizations seeking to effectively engage shareholders and other stakeholders on material sustainability initiatives. These services are underpinned by a research team that conducts in-depth, proprietary research to identify emerging issues that could affect investment performance in the medium to long term and uses this thought leadership to inform its recommendations. The Company’s mission is to optimize financial performance and social impact through rigorous research and the systematic integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into portfolio design.

Erika Karp, Founder and CEO of Cornerstone Capital Group, commented on today’s news, “In addition to approaching the $1 billion mark in terms of AUM, I am especially proud of the value, insights and high-touch service that we have provided to clients in our first four years of operation.  At Cornerstone, we believe that capitalism can be a force for good and that impact investing could provide higher long-term returns, while also benefiting society more broadly.  While some may label this approach as radical, we believe it is practical and the best approach to investing in the 21st Century.  This assertion is demonstrated by our rapid growth, and we will maintain our unwavering commitment to this investment discipline.”

The Cornerstone management team is comprised of a unique mix of seasoned professionals from across the financial services spectrum, each with decades of experience at traditional advisory companies, wealth management firms, and investment banks. The investment advisory and research teams are fully integrated, allowing for truly open collaboration that ultimately enables the Company to provide clients with the most holistic service possible. This integration of the buy- and sell-side is unique, and is a foundation of Cornerstone’s high-touch advisory approach.

Ms. Karp concluded, “Our clients appreciate the integration of our advisory and research teams, as it strives for higher returns in addition to unmatched service.  We are able to identify unique investment opportunities by thoroughly integrating ESG considerations into our analysis.  Rather than eschewing traditional metrics, ESG analysis allows us to go deeper to identify long-term growth and risk factors often overlooked by traditional research models. We believe that this fundamental shift in investment research is the future of financial advisory services.”

About Cornerstone

Founded in 2013, Cornerstone Capital Group is a financial services firm based in New York. The mission is to optimize financial performance and social impact through rigorous research and the systematic integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into portfolio design. In offering investment advisory and strategic consulting services, Cornerstone works with asset owners, corporations and financial institutions, promoting new research in the field of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analysis, and facilitating capital introductions for organizations around the world engaged in sustainable business practices.

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