August 1

Press Release: Driving the Transition: Bboxx and Spiro Team Up to Accelerate Africa’s EV Transition

Bboxx, the data-driven super platform, is announcing a new partnership with Spiro, the largest Electric Vehicle (EV) company in Africa, to accelerate and democratise the continent’s clean mobility transition.

Underpinned by Bboxx’s innovative asset financing model, the alliance will accelerate the delivery of EV motorcycles (e-motos) to customers whose livelihoods depend on access to inexpensive transport across East and West African markets.

This adds to the data-driven super-platform’s roster of service providers, fast-tracking the deployment of e-motos and other innovative products across Africa. Rapid rollout is possible through the utilisation of Bboxx’s massive distribution network – and, combined with Spiro’s reach, customers will be able to swap e-moto batteries when they require new charge at Bboxx’s shops and distribution centres throughout Rwanda.

E-motos are in high demand owing to their low running costs but most times have high purchase price relative to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) equivalents. Through this new alliance, Bboxx Pulse®, the company’s proprietary integrated operating system (which currently processes around 40 payments per minute), enables Bboxx to profitably extend financial services with a low entry point to previously underserved communities. And, it provides a ready-made on the ground network for Spiro to reach new customers.

Mansoor Hamayun, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bboxx, said:
“Together with Spiro, Bboxx is accelerating Africa’s access to EVs – only our data-driven super platform, with its extensive on-the-ground network and ability to innovatively finance underserved communities, is able to deliver the services and products that will drive our markets’ climate transitions whilst transforming lives and livelihoods.”

The e-mobility mission is less about convenience and more imperative. Owning an electric-motorcycle supersedes the traditional ICE due to its low running costs, meaning that thousands of customers whose businesses and livelihoods depend on motorbikes will reap the benefits from the noticeable difference in price while contributing to their country’s decarbonisation efforts. Flexible payment plans, delivered through Bboxx, adapt to customers’ fluctuating incomes, allowing them to pay more when they can afford it and less in the lean times.

The customer’s safety is paramount. Bboxx and Spiro have together developed an onboarding process with technical testing, speed and safety training, and access to protective clothing, including helmets.

Bboxx and Spiro are entering urban and rural markets together. In doing so, they acquire a new set of customers. These customers will benefit from the suite of accessible products and services that Bboxx provides. They will have open access to connectivity and energy at a discounted rate. Only in partnership with strong operators like Spiro and Bboxx can Governments successfully electrify urban transportation.

Jules Samain, CEO of Spiro, said:

“This partnership with Bboxx marks a significant leap in our journey to revolutionise Africa’s transportation landscape. By leveraging Bboxx’s extensive distribution network, we’re able to provide affordable and sustainable transport options, empowering countless communities while making significant strides in Africa’s clean mobility transition.”

Source: Bboxx (link opens in a new window)

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