May 26

Press Release: GameAbove Capital Venture Fund Launched

CapStone Holdings today announced the launch of GameAbove Capital, a $50 million private venture fund focused on minority- and women-operated businesses engaged in sustainability-related products and services.

GameAbove Capital looks to deploy capital with thoughtful acquisitions, joint ventures, and equity financing in successful expansion-staged entrepreneurial ventures. Investment targets include, but are not limited to, products and services related to sustainability in mobility, learning and workforce development, and protecting clean water.

CapStone Holdings is launching the fund now in part to provide further stability for companies during these uncertain times due to the impacts of the coronavirus and to add further value to enterprises successfully engaged in environmental solutions and sustainability.

“Global sustainability takes on many forms involving many essential products and brands. The crucial funding required for business continuity cannot be neglected nor deferred because of a global pandemic or any other unforeseen circumstance out of our control,” said Keith J. Stone, CapStone Holdings Founder and Chairman. “Through GameAbove Capital, we are encouraging the productive worldwide harmony taking place to promote sustainability and ensure the resilience needed to support present and future generations.”

GameAbove Capital is a unique “close the gap” venture fund initiative dedicated to businesses established and/or operated by women and minorities.

“Access to capital remains one of the main barriers to women and minority entrepreneurs,” said Heather Stone, a co-founder of CapStone Holdings. “GameAbove Capital provides a much-needed resource for women and minorities who clearly demonstrate leadership, ingenuity and business acumen, as well as innovation in the sustainability space.”

GameAbove Capital’s investment approach, based on 31 years of learned successes from CapStone Holdings, will support products or brands that provide a unique superiority over the competition. The minimum transaction size per investment will be $3 million. More information can be found at www.gameabovecapital.com.

Photo courtesy of Mimi Thian.

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