April 28

Press Release: Hewlett Foundation Becomes X4Impact Founding Partner to Advance Technology for the Public Interest With Focus on Entrepreneurs Creating Tech for Good Solutions

President Larry Kramer Joins X4Impact Advisory Council with Foundation Grant of $250,000

X4Impactthe free market intelligence platform for social innovation, announced The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, one of the nation’s largest philanthropic institutions, as a Founding Partner of X4Impact. The Hewlett Foundation joins other prominent organizations in shaping the future of technology for the public interest with, spanning the continuum from academia to philanthropy to the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

For over 50 years, the Hewlett Foundation has focused on advancing ideas and supporting institutions to promote a better world.

“Our foundation was birthed from the good fortune and great vision of tech entrepreneurs. This past year has taught us all a lot about system change, and it is time that we create the infrastructure and resources to support making the kinds of solutions technology enables available to address our most complex social problems,” said Larry Kramer, President, Hewlett Foundation. “The Hewlett Foundation is proud to join X4Impact as a Founding Partner to help make these matches.”

With over 200 million data points from trusted sources, organized under the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals framework, X4Impact offers insights to create and scale technology for the public interest (Tech4PI). Users can access unique social challenges, ideas, tech for good solutions, $2.8 trillion in US social sector money flow, and millions of data-rich articles to inform research and best practices.

“With X4Impact, we hope to create a Silicon Valley effect where tech for good builds an ecosystem of support for one another with this platform,” said Shelly Kurtz, Co-Founder & CMO X4Impact. “We are thrilled to welcome one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent leaders to join us in this vision to advance social entrepreneurship and big thinking to spark social innovation at scale.”

This partnership includes $250,000 in funding with the charitable purpose to ensure equitable access to data and a gathering place for all US nonprofit organizations and tech for good solutions to more efficiently and effectively solve for good. Funding support enables X4Impact to scale to feature 1,000 social enterprises and tech for good companies to gain visibility in the social impact market in the US. In the process, X4Impact is creating the largest marketplace of tech for good products and services, searchable by social impact area, UN SDG, leadership diversity, and other factors such as market traction.

This sponsorship also supports creating a Virtual Accelerator program for social entrepreneurs to laser-focus on impact metrics, data-driven decision-making, and financial sustainability with the principles of technology for the public interest. The first X4Impact Virtual Accelerator kicks off a 12-week program beginning in May 2021.

About X4Impact
X4IMPACT is your free market intelligence platform for social innovation with insights to create and scale technology for the public interest – #tech4pi. Created by Giving Tech Labs, in partnership with MicrosoftVulcanThe William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and other leading organizations, we believe in offering equitable access to data and tools to unleash social innovation. We believe that equitable access unleashes diverse and fresh views to address our most pressing social challenges. X4Impact aggregates data from academia, researchers, entrepreneurs, the private sector, investors, government, and nonprofits to represent the total market and its potential.

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