December 6

Analysis: Private Asset Impact Funds Show Resilience in the Face Of The COVID-19 Pandemic, Forecast Double-digit Growth In 2021

With a record sample size of 175 impact funds, the 2021 edition of Tameo’s flagship research report brings refreshing transparency and a holistic understanding of key trends and benchmarks inherent to impact investing strategies through funds.

The 2021 Private Asset Impact Fund (PAIF) report analyzes a subset of the impact investing universe, focusing on fund investment strategies that target emerging and frontier markets, with a development finance impact bias. This ecosystem comprises over 250 specialized investment boutiques and the 500 private asset funds that they manage or advise, with an estimated size of USD 38 billion. The survey captures close to two thirds of the market in assets under management (AUM), with USD 24 billion covered in the study sample.

“We are truly pleased with the wide market response received by our efforts to provide a fully independent and exhaustive update on the state of the private asset impact fund industry. We want to thank SECO, Symbiotics and TCX, as well as the 18 entities active in the impact space co-sponsoring this study with us, and most importantly the 175 funds that reported on over 300 data points, making this second edition possible”, says Ramkumar Narayanan, Head of Research & Investments at Tameo.

Photo courtesy of Pete Linforth.

Source: FinDev Gateway (link opens in a new window)

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