Press Release: Rijuven Releases ‘Clinic in a Bag’

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Clinic in a Bag is the newest and most robust examination platform from Rijuven. Designed to be deployed alongside a clinician to any point of care, Clinic in a Bag or “CIB” provides clinical decision support outside of the facility by combining a highly comprehensive suite of connected devices with cloud analysis, remote monitoring capabilities, telemedicine connectivity, EMR patient management and on-demand scheduling.

Clinic in a Bag’s mobile “app to cloud” based platform streamlines diagnosis by collecting, transmitting, and analyzing actionable clinical data beyond traditional care settings. Rijuven has positioned the platform as an efficient, flexible, and cost effective solution for high quality care extension.

Clinic in a Bag’s software component enables remote assessments and examinations to be analyzed and viewed in real time from any location. Equipped with a telemedicine portal, “CIB” allows care providers to interface patients with additional specialists from within their own network or by connecting to one of Rijuven’s regional or national telehealth partners. Patient management and EHR integration and on-demand scheduling create a seamless link between field clinicians and in-facility care.

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