PRESS RELEASE: Unified Signal, Inc’s Mobile Wallet Software Solution Chosen to Launch Mobile Payments in Serbia

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Unified Signal, Inc. (OTCQB: UNSI), a leading software system in the telecommunications and mobile payments industry, today announced that it has received approval from the Central Bank of Serbia to enable the country of Serbia with its 7+ million population with the company’s innovative and secure mobile wallet technology. Once deployed, the technology will allow Serbian expats in the US to move money to people living in Serbia and vice versa. Money will be transferred in real time to the recipient and for a fraction of the cost of industry competitors. The system will also allow for all people living in Serbia to freely pay for goods and services using their mobile phone.

Unified Signal’s Chief Executive Officer, Paris Holt, stated, “Our executive team along with our Serbian Partner Pay2u, met with many executives with the Serbian central bank and eventually with the Governor of the Central Bank, Jorgovanka Tabakovic. At the end of 10 days of meetings, we were able to get the official approval to launch and integrate our systems into the Serbian banking system. We will be enabling every major retailer and utility company in the country to accept payments with this technology. Within the next year, we will bring Serbia into the technological forefront in relation to mobile payments. Our team is excited as we will be making a very large and positive impact on an entire country and with a nation that we are very proud to be working with. As I found out very quickly, Serbians are very proud of their history and the country is full of very hard working people and innovative thinkers.”

Unified Signal’s mobile wallet platform has been under development for the last 7 years and has been deployed in the US for the last 2 years. Unified Signal also supports US based MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). MVNOs account for about 25% of US wireless subscribers and use the wireless carrier’s network spectrum to offer private label wireless services to its end customers. Unified Signal’s MVNO enablement suite and mobile wallet suite provides a completely turnkey back office solution for its clients including billing and rating, customer service, revenue assurance, payment processing, and fulfillment services.

Paris Holt, also commented, “The international expansion of our mobile wallet into Serbia is just the beginning. We already have green lights to expand into surrounding countries such as Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, and many additional countries in Eastern and Western Europe. I believe that our reliance on physical currency is coming to an end. It’s our mission to enable money movement and mobile payments all across the globe making money transfer and paying people electronically cheaper, easier, and most importantly more secure to complete. Our system can also link into other payment systems to create a clearing house of sorts with other technologies so customers can have one system that can interconnect with the 100s of mobile wallet technologies that are popping up around the world.”

Vlejko Vladovic, Director of Pay2u states, “We are so pleased with the Unified Signal mobile wallet platform. It’s going to slingshot our country into one of the foremost innovative countries in the world in terms of mobile payment technology. There are over 500,000 expats in the US alone that move well over 2 Billion USD into Serbia every year. Currently moving money is slow, time consuming, and very expensive for consumers. Our mobile wallet product set powered by Unified Signal allows us to save our customers time, money, and when bundled with our wireless services with international calling, they can easily and cost effectively keep more in contact with their loved ones abroad. 2015 is going to be an epic year for our company and our country.”

Source: Market Wired (link opens in a new window)