April 6

Press Release: US SIF Foundation Opens 2020 Survey On US Sustainable And Impact Investing Trends

The US SIF Foundation announced today that the survey for the Report on US Sustainable and Impact Investing Trends is now open. The survey will provide data for the 2020 edition of the biennial report, which was launched in 1995 and it is the only report of its kind in the US. Data from the US Trends Report is also included in the biennial Global Sustainable Investment Review, published by the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance.

The internationally referenced Trends report provides data on the scope of sustainable investing by US asset managers and institutional investors as well as insights on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues they consider. In 2018, the Trends report found that sustainable investing assets had expanded to $12.0 trillion in the United States, a 38 percent increase over 2016. The report also found that the leading ESG issues—based on the assets affected—were climate change/carbon, tobacco and conflict risk.

“We expect the continued growth of sustainable investing over the past two years,” said Meg Voorhes, Director of Research at the US SIF Foundation. “Our research team aims to ensure a high level of survey respondent participation so that we can present as accurate and detailed a picture as possible to the investors, policymakers, media and other stakeholders who rely on the final report.”

Asset managers and asset owners who have not participated in the Trends report in the past are encouraged to be in touch with US SIF Foundation staff. To request a customized link to participate, contact All survey responses are confidential.

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