June 20

Press Release: World’s Largest Gender-Lens Fund Starts Operating with New Investment Strategy

The Global Gender-Smart Fund (GGSF), the world’s largest gender-lens investment fund, has implemented a new strategy focused on gender-smart financing. This strategy aims to address the USD1.7 trillion gender gap by providing responsible financial services to underserved women, women-owned, and women-led businesses in developing markets. It seeks to improve livelihoods, promote women’s leadership, and enhance gender balance within financial institutions.

Building on a successful 15-year track record, the Microfinance Enhancement Facility (MEF), initially founded in 2009, was transformed into the Global Gender-Smart Fund (GGSF) on 1 January 2024, introducing a new gender-focused strategy as well as a new structure.

Photo courtesy of Pexels / Anna Shvets.

Source: innpact (link opens in a new window)

gender equality, gender lens, impact investing, women entrepreneurs