Pro Mujer Helps Struggling Women in Latin America

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lynne Patterson, co-founder of Pro Mujer is setting a new standard on how small loans combined with basic entrepreneurial training and health education can help. Pro Mujer is assisting struggling women in Latin America to secure a decent living for themselves. Catering to almost a quarter of a million women, Pro Mujer is one of the most promising microfinance organizations in the region.

Pro Mujer is a microfinance institution catering to women in Nicaragua, Peru, Mexico, Bolivia and Argentina. The main goal of the company is to help struggling women to stand on their own two feet. Women are given a source of income through small loans. Based on its records, Pro Mujer is now at the $1 billion mark in terms of the small loans it has handed over.

However, the duty of Pro Mujer does not end with lending money. The company also provides training in handling businesses, as well as health care services and proper education. In a statement given by Bob Annibale, he said that the difference between Pro Mujer and other microfinance organizations is its deep commitment to healthcare. He reiterated that health care is an essential component in maintaining a family’s livelihood.

Source: DayNews (link opens in a new window)