Public Private Partnerships an Imperative for Achieving Rural Development

Monday, October 16, 2006

In addition, he said, that accessibility to rural communities would thrive when the Private and Pubic Partnership (PPP) is entrenched.

“PPP is the key to moving the rural people ahead,” he declared.

Meanwhile, the Executive Vice Chairman (EVC), of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Dr. Ernest Ndukwe, has warned that Africa may suffer another round of digital divide based on lack of data in the evolution of telecommunications on the continent.

Dr. Ndukwe, noted that there is no doubt that evolution of telecommunications is catching up in various African countries. But “If care is not taken, African countries may face another round of digital divide,” he said. Emphasising that nowadays on the continent, evolution of telecommunications seems to be on the increase, but lamented that this has been limited to voice data transmission only.

Development of voice, he said, is good but less concern is being given to optimisation of data embedded in broadband technology development.

He decried the lack of adaptation to data, and also warned that importance of broadband at this stage of development should not be over-emphasised. Dr Ndukwe called for caution in adaptation and investment in infrastructure that could help in transforming the rural communities on the continent.

Defining rural access, he said, it does not mean that a given community is poor and are even more in the urban areas than in the rural areas.

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Source: Highway Africa News Agency (link opens in a new window)