Q&A: Creating a Mobile Health Platform That “Just Works” for All

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

When something “just works”, there’s usually a mini-universe of people, technology and ideas behind it that the rest of us take for granted. Take bar codes for example; they’re ubiquitous, and serve multiple uses for every stage of a product’s manufacture and eventual sale. The tale behind them is an astounding story of vision, foresight, technological progress and, perhaps most importantly, the appropriate wrangling of partners that started with grocers and eventually cut across every industry.

Right now, something is brewing in global health that could transform the way it works just as bar codes transformed retail sales in the 20th century. It’s emerging from the global health experiences of a broad array of partners, drawn from NGOs as well as donor foundations, bilateral aid organizations, corporations and national governments.

Impact spoke with Trip Allport, who leads the work of Accenture Development Partnerships in the Africa region, about this vision for a cross-organizational, cross-sectoral, multi-audience platform that would provide key knowledge and information for health workers and consumers on the front-end, and data on the back-end to inform decisions and daily workflow for supervisors, supply-chain managers, ministries of health, implementers and donors.

Source: PSI Impact (link opens in a new window)

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