AMREF Ethiopia: Reducing poverty through skills provision

Friday, April 29, 2005

AMREF’s new project in Kechene aims to capitalise on the artisan know-how in the area. People who make a living from handicrafts are often looked down on by the Ethiopians ? they are viewed very much as the bottom of the heap. They are often taken advantage of financially by local, better educated traders. Over the next year, AMREF will single out 50 people and help them to set up small businesses. They will receive a loan but also learn business acumen and marketing skills.
“There are thousands of people here who need help” says Hannah. “But we would rather give them the skills and resources to help themselves. The hardest part is selecting those who really need it. We look for the most vulnerable of all; widows with many children, or older orphans who are responsible for looking after their younger brothers and sisters.”
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Source: African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF)