Report: The African digital revolution is gaining pace

Thursday, November 2, 2017

On Tuesday 25 October 2017 Orange Business Service released the company’s 2017 Africa Digital Transformation Survey of enterprises across several sectors in Africa.

According to the company, the speed of digital transformation dictates IT strategies of enterprise across all sectors in Africa. They also highlighted that the digital revolution is taking place and gaining pace in Africa.

Consumers in Africa expect interactions with brands and businesses to be seamless, convenient and immediate and businesses across the continent are seeing the digital transformation as a way to develop new operational business models that can deliver on these demands. Consequently, the fundamental challenge for CIOs in Africa today is to ensure that their IT strategy is moving at a pace that supports business ambitions in the context of each of the unique demands of each market within Africa – given that almost no two African markets are the same.

Photo courtesy of uditha wickramanayaka.

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