September 16

Report: Education Is in Danger of Collapsing in a Quarter of Countries. These 8 Are Most At Risk.

By Khanyi Mlaba

Education has taken a serious blow over the last year, with a historic 1.5 billion children having been out of school due to the pandemic, of which millions are unlikely to return. As the world continues tallying the damage that COVID-19 has caused, a new report has found that school systems in a quarter of all countries are at risk of collapsing.

The report by Save the Children has indicated that because of conflict, climate change, and now COVID-19, education in developing countries is at high risk of falling apart, with sub-Saharan Africa deemed the most at risk. The report, titled Build Forward Better, was published this week and takes a look at the state of education in developing nations, and ranks those where education is most vulnerable.

Photo courtesy of Jhon Dal.

Source: Global Citizen (link opens in a new window)

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