Report: Mixed emotions in emerging economies on smartphones, social media

Friday, March 15, 2019

A survey in 11 emerging economies showed people in those countries happy to be connected with smartphones and social media, even if they worry about the impact of digital lifestyles on society and on children.

The Pew Research Center report found the vast majority of adults in these countries have access to a  of some kind, with 53 percent using a smartphone capable of accessing the internet and running apps.

Across these countries, a median of 64 percent use at least one of seven different social media sites or messaging apps.

Most of these people say they personally benefit from the technology: more than nine in 10 say the devices have helped them stay in touch with loved ones, and nearly eight in 10 said they use them to get news and information about important issues.

But when asked if mobile phones and social media have been good for , the responses are mixed, with many expressing concerns about the impact of digital technologies on .

Photo courtesy of Neil Palmer.

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