botswana: housing for poverty alleviation

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

By Onalenna Modikwa Selebi-Phikwe

Phikwe Town Council has welcomed the pilot poverty alleviation and housing schemes by the Department of Housing. The programme was started in 1992 by government to facilitate economic empowerment of poor households who do not qualify for SHHA loans through employment creation, poverty alleviation and home ownership.

The main objective of the programme by the government for low income housing was to integrate income generation with shelter provision for poverty alleviation.

[…] The programme will be attained in three phases with the first one involving training the beneficiaries in the production and marketing of building materials. During this phase, beneficiaries are trained in producing standard building materials for sale at competitive prices on the local market. They are then paid allowances from revenue generated from the project.

The second phase involves training beneficiaries to construct their own houses and assistance to build their own homes. They are expected to purchase other materials required for housing construction since they will be earning a wage.

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