Everybody loves a good rural mart

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

As urban market is getting saturated, rural market is rapidly occupying the centre table of discussion for both the corporate world as well the top business management schools ( B-School) of the country.

“The rural market has been growing at 12-13 per cent as compared to 7-8 per cent growth of urban counterpart, over the last decade. Moreover, the urban market is getting saturated and corporate are now looking sincerely towards the rural market in a much serious way,”said Pradeep Kashyap, an eminent personality in the field and author of ’The Rural Marketing Book’, on the sideline of panel discussion on ’Rural marketing: Back to the Future’ organised by Calcutta Management Association (CMA).

In order to sustain the business in rural regions, the economy would be desperately requiring B-School graduates with special knowledge about rural marketing, added Kashyap.

“Only 50 odd B-Schools, in a lot of more than 1000 B-Schools in India, offers some specialisation in rural marketing. But with the changing environment, nearly all the top B-Schools of the country are thinking about this course significantly,”said Kashyap.
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Source: Business Standard