Rwanda says R&D is critical to national development, by Talent Ngandwe

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Rwanda has identified a major role for science and technology in efforts to rebuild the nation, which eleven years ago was torn apart by genocide when more than 750,000 people were murdered.

According to a draft policy on science, technology and innovation policy, Rwanda will integrate science and technology into all sectors of the economy.

The national science, technology, scientific research and innovation policy outlines plans to apply science to Rwanda’s problems in health, agriculture and the environment.

In practical terms this means developing biotechnology to increase crop yields and improve animal husbandry, focusing health research on infectious diseases and vaccines, and using science-based approaches to improve irrigation, provide safe drinking water and develop renewable supplies of energy.

According to the plan, the government will promote partnerships between training and research institutions and support private sector involvement in scientific research and innovation.
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Source: SciDev.Net