Safaricom rejects Kenyan regulator’s request for free access to taxpayers’ M-Pesa accounts

Monday, June 20, 2016

Telecoms operator Safaricom has rejected the taxman’s quest to gain unfettered access to its customers’ mobile money records, throwing a big hurdle at the Treasury-backed plan meant to smoke out tax cheats.

Safaricom said it will not give the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) customer data unless laws touching on confidentiality are changed to allow the mining of such information. The KRA is seeking to gain unrestricted access to taxpayers’ bank and mobile money accounts as part of the efforts to catch tax cheats and improve revenue collection as its targets continue to rise.

“As you are aware, the Constitution of Kenya restricts access to confidential customer information,” Stephen Chege, Safaricom’s corporate affairs director, told the Business Dailyin an email response.

Source: Business Daily Africa (link opens in a new window)