Schneider Electric Launches Solar LED Lighting Product In-Diya

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, Thursday launched In-Diya, an energy-efficient LED based Lighting System, to provide lighting to people living with no or unreliable electricity in India.

In-Diya is a specially designed LED based lighting system that can operate on main supply and/or solar, and provides backup ranging from 8 – 15 hours for indoor applications, said the company.

Jean-Pascal Tricoire, President & CEO, Schneider Electric, said, “In-Diya earmarks a new phase for our continuing sustainable development programme BipBop. This innovative offer will play a key role in providing access to reliable lighting to 500 million people, thereby enabling them to take part in the inclusive growth story of India.”

“In-Diya is an innovation by our engineers with the Indian R&D centre and we intend to take this offer to many parts of the world,” he added.

In-Diya LED based Lighting System is available in nine different variants.

The basic model with 45 LEDs is available for Rs 550. It is powered by an external chargeable battery which can be rented from a battery charging station managed by a local entrepreneur.

The high-end variant is a 90 LED Solar Home Lighting System which is compatible with the electrical grid and is priced at Rs. 4500.

Bernard Golstein, Director Marketing & Alliances, Schneider Electric India, said, “In-Diya is the only available LED-based Lighting System which can fully illuminate a typical Indian rural house and provide 8 to 15 hours backup. Our unique R&D and manufacturing capabilities have been utilized to offer a high-quality product at an affordable price”.

Source: India Blooms (link opens in a new window)