Schneider Electric off-grid, on-profit solutions to create social change in African rural communities

Friday, October 31, 2014

Schneider Electric South Africa has set itself a target to create access to energy for 20 000 Africans by the end of this year. An ambitious goal, but the energy efficiency giant believes this is achievable due to its solid sustainable development strategy, products and solutions.

Zanelle Dalglish, head of sustainable development for southern Africa at Schneider Electric, emphasises that to deliver on the organisation’s claim to be “the world leader in energy efficiency”, it needs to provide solutions to all sectors of society and, for this reason, has established a programme to address global energy poverty within its business strategy.

“Through its global BipBop programme (business, innovation, and people at the base of the pyramid), Schneider Electric develops collective solutions for comprehensive rural electrification, domestic solutions for energy-related needs, and the business models that make these solutions sustainable,” she explains.”This means that we offer reliable, affordable, and clean solutions; training; and business innovation support to help close energy gaps worldwide.”

The company has developed solutions adapted to the means and needs of populations in remote, primarily off-grid communities. “Many of these are solar-based, such as our In-diya and Mobiya lighting solutions, both are developed to take advantage of the African sun in order to lessen the burden of daily life in poor and off-grid communities,” adds Dalglish.

Source: ITWeb (South Africa) (link opens in a new window)