Students’ work profits others

Thursday, May 4, 2006


For the group of students participating in the Students in Free Enterprise program at Roberts Wesleyan College, “One drop can create many ripples” is a slogan to live and work by. […]

One problem the SIFE team has tried to address is urban poverty. In one project, the SIFE team started five-day business camps for high school students from the inner city. The camps taught the attendees concepts of the acumen and ethics of running a business.

Other team members traveled to a Guatemalan village and helped improve a chicken farm and a bicycle repair shop to generate commerce. The students also installed fuel-efficient stoves and established a microcredit bank that doles out small “microloans” to entrepreneurs.

[…]Hollamby said the SIFE teams operate under tight budgets, often relying on community support and grants to develop their projects. But that hasn’t hampered the growth of the team. “You’re not limited if you have no money,” he said. “If you have a creative idea, you can make a difference. One touch creates endless outcomes.”

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Source: Democrat & Chronicle (link opens in a new window)