Social Enterprise Ghana Launches First Industry Group

Monday, February 22, 2016

Social Entrepreneurs Ghana (SE Ghana) is being launched by a number of social entrepreneurs and organizations including Reach for Change, the British Council, Impact Hub, Growth Mosaic, TEDxAccra, mPedigree, TANOE, Street Library, Challenging Heights, Ashesi University, AACT, Nneka Foundation, Farmable, CRESSENT, InnoHuB, phinklife, Kokroko foundation, GEW and Center for Social Innovation.

The goal of SE Ghana is to organize and develop a strong ecosystem for the social enterprise sector by increasing funding, driving policy, intensifying learning and innovation and ensuring that there is adequate research and data on the sector. SE Ghana is a part of the larger African Social Entrepreneurship Network (ASEN) which seeks to improve the social entrepreneurship ecosystem across the continent. SE Ghana, like other networks around the world, brings together social entrepreneurs to support one another, lead development in the social entrepreneurship space, and advocate for their shared interests.

Social entrepreneurs are individuals who address society’s most pressing social and environmental problems through the use of business strategies. This model enables them to achieve sustainable social or environmental impact.

Source: News Ghana (link opens in a new window)

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