How Steve Jobs inspired PARK, a soccer social enterprise that’s on the hunt for $500,000 in equity crowdfunding

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

By Emma Koehn

As sporting apparel social enterprise PARK chases half a million dollars through equity crowdfunding this year, co-founder Sam Davy has to give Steve Jobs some credit for planting an idea that helped the venture grow.

As Apple’s former creative director, Davy regularly sat down with Jobs and even worked on developing a “global giving platform” through iTunes. It was a project that never fully eventuated due to Jobs’ health difficulties, but in the following years, Davy kept coming back to the idea of business models that make a solid impact.

“My genesis for my social enterprise interest came from Steve,” Davy tells SmartCompany.

“He had quite a large interest in impact, and I don’t think all of that was always realised through the [Apple] business.”

As global creative director for Apple, Davy was overseeing the technology giant’s iconic branding. After transitioning out of the role, he and former Crumpler US general manager Tara Montoneri transferred their skills to a much smaller enterprise, launching PARK — a for-profit soccer ball and sporting apparel brand that aims to supply sporting goods to kids in need.

Photo courtesy of John Twohig.

Source: SmartCompany (link opens in a new window)

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