Student Venture Wins Inaugural Thorne Prize for Healthcare Innovation

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A team of students from Yale SOM, Yale College, and the Yale School of Public Health won the inaugural $25,000 Thorne Prize from the Yale School of Public Health’s InnovateHealth Yale Program on April 26.

The students’ company, Khushi Baby, is developing a bracelet that will store a baby’s vaccination history on an electronic chip, which can be written to and read by a mobile phone app. The team plans to launch the product in India (“Khushi” means “happy” in Hindi) before expanding to other areas.

Team Khushi Baby, consisting of Teja Padma, SOM ’14, Ruchit Nagar, Yale College ’15, M.P.H. ’15, Ifedolapo Omiwole, Yale College ’14, and Leen van Besien, Yale College ’14, envisions their vaccination bracelets becoming iconic in the way the red ribbon has for AIDS and the yellow Livestrong bracelet has for cancer survival.

They exhibited the technology to the judges, each of whom received a surprise message on their mobile devices that demonstrated how quickly and accurately information can be entered into a bracelet and shared with others.

With the prize money, the team members said they will travel to India and begin work to implement their health innovation.

Source: Yale School of Management (link opens in a new window)

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