Tanzania: “Moneymaker” Pumps Cash into Farmers Pockets

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Moneymaker’ pumps manufactured in Arusha are reported to have contributed to poverty reduction by helping families start small agrobusinesses.

The pumps that require no fuel enable farmers to harvest up to three times a year thus boosting their income.

(…)MoneyMaker pumps are developed and marketed by KickStart a non-profit organization. USAID helps support KickStart’s program in Tanzania. (…) At the T.F.A (Tanzania Farmers Association), distributors of the MoneyMaker pumps, they were able to test each pump and see how the distribution chain works. After testing each pump Ms.White commented, “The new hip pump is so easy to use I can operate one with two fingers.”

After TFA, the group travelled to Tengeru, Arumeru district to meet Mr. Swai, a Tanzanian small farmer benefiting from the MoneyMaker pump. A coffee farmer, Mr. Swai earns extra income from growing coffee seedlings and a banana plantation.

Before purchasing a MoneyMaker pump, he depended on the rain for his farming however, the severe drought forced him to look for an alternative. He explained to the USAID officials that with the pump he has managed to salvage his crop and has been able to increase the number of acres he has in production.

Swai is expecting an annual return of Tsh.10,000,000 from coffee seedlings and another Tsh.4,000,000 from bananas. He has also been able to start a vegetable garden for domestic use as well as water his cattle. With this expansion, he has been able to employ four casual labourers (3 men and 1 woman) to assist him on the farm.

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Source: Arusha Times (link opens in a new window)