Tech giant enters Kenya market, by Luke Mulunda

Monday, May 2, 2005

The Communications Commission of Kenya, the country’s telecom regulator, in January issued Afsat with a licence to operate public data communications services after the segment was liberalised last June. With the force of a ram raring to have a go at its opponent, Afsat has hit the ground running with its flagship product, iWay Africa. “We can now provide Vsat services anywhere in Kenya,” said Suleman, a tough-taking manager with an eye for big business. “We have the coverage and ability. Kenyan corporates should expect a revolution in Internet communications.”
The company, Suleman said, has invested Sh100 million in Kenya to pioneer Vsat communication in a country where Internet use has hit a growth spurt and related services like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoiP) are beginning to make sense. (VoIP is an advanced way of communicating by using the Internet to carry voice communication from one point to the other.)
The investment was part of the company’s Sh600 million investment in Africa for this year. “Our market is bigger than Kenya and we’re sure we will recoup our investment and make a profit,” he said.
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Source: The Financial Standard