John Templeton Foundation Awards $1.5 Million In Support of Enterprise Solutions to Poverty

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

John Templeton Foundation has awarded prizes of $1.5 million to three prominent think tanks in support of initiatives that explore what works in enterprise-based solutions to poverty.
Winners of the Templeton Foundation “What Works in Enterprise-Based Solutions to Poverty” awards are:
Fraser Institute, Vancouver BC, Canada, for a new initiative to measure economic freedom and how free enterprise throughout the Arab world is lifting individuals and families out of poverty in partnership with the Arab Business Council.
George Mason University Mercatus Center, Arlington VA, for “Enterprise Africa,” a joint project with Free Market Foundation, South Africa, and London-based Institute for Economic Affairs, to document and communicate the successes of African entrepreneurs and small businesses, as well as the challenges and barriers they face.
The Independent Institute, Oakland CA, for a project to create a new Center for Global Prosperity, under the leadership of Alvaro Vargas Llosa, author of Liberty for Latin America, to examine how market-based institutions are helping to reduce poverty in Latin America and elsewhere.
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Source: Business Wire