Thai Health Policy Seen as Model for Emerging Economies

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The President of the World Medical Association said Thailand’s universal health program is a model for other emerging economies in Asia, including India, in providing health services to low income workers. There are growing tensions within the Thai health system amid pressures for co-payments to cope with rising costs.

Thailand’s universal health program, introduced in 2002, has been seen as a model for comprehensive health systems in Asia, especially in India and Myanmar, where the health systems are still evolving.

Universal health coverage

The coverage in 2002 quickly extended to 18 million people who were uninsured, along with an additional 29 million covered by less comprehensive schemes.

Michael Gideon Marmot, British public health professor in public health policy and president of the World Medical Association, said the Thai program stands in contrast to other health plans, such as those in India.

Source: Voice of America (link opens in a new window)

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