The Global Fund needs global collaboration

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB, and malaria (TGF) was created in 2002 to stop the deaths and destructions caused by the three diseases. Over $30 billion have been invested so far. The Global Fund is asking for $15 billion for next three years, of which U.S. is asked to contribute $5 billion. So far, UK, France, Japan, Germany, Scandinavian countries, and Gates Foundation have made major commitments and increased their contributions.

Any fund spent to save millions of lives is a good investment. The Global Fund, which receives major financial support from the U.S. and is led by a highly respected American health manager, is helping to reverse the course of these epidemics. HIV incidence has fallen by one-third, the cost of HIV drugs has dropped more than 99 percent. Malaria deaths have fallen by one-third, and TB deaths by 35 percent. Global Fund investment saved 9 million lives worldwide. Other international agencies like UNITAID, UNAIDS, WHO, and bilateral donors have contributed to this achievement.

Source: The Hill (link opens in a new window)

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