The global impact of the female condom

Thursday, July 24, 2014

When Debby Herbenick met a friend and former colleague for lunch at the end of last year, it was only natural the conversation would turn to sex.

It is their job after all. Herbenick is a sexual health researcher and Frank Sadlo, her lunch date, a product developer with experience in the same field. So the pair got talking about new contraceptive design, exchanging ideas and eventually sketching hypothetical devices.

Last month, their plan for a new female condom moved closer to reality. The product was one of 11 contraceptive projects to win $1.1 million in exploration grants from billionaire Bill Gates’s philanthropic foundation, and one of three focused on women. The aim is to improve on earlier female condoms with a product that’s easy to use and enjoyable to help protect women, who are disproportionally affected by sexually transmitted infections in developing countries.

Source: Daily Life (link opens in a new window)

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