The Hapinoy Program – Social Development with a Smile

Friday, May 4, 2012

A multi-awarded program in the Philippines leads the innovation of solutions for the Base of the Pyramid. From the words “Happy” and “Pinoy” (a slang word for Filipino), Hapinoy continues its mission to empower more women micro entrepreneurs – and they do it with a smile.

The Hapinoy Store Program partners with sari-sari stores (sari-sari in Filipino means various kinds), small neighborhood stores that sell daily needs, mostly basic commodities. These kinds of stores are almost always located within or as an extension of the storeowner’s home. With about 800,000 stores in the Philippines, mostly run by women micro entrepreneurs, sari-sari stores represent the smallest and most marginalized unit of retail in the country but also make up to 40% of total retail sales.

In 2007, MicroVentures Incorporated launched the Hapinoy Store Program with micro finance borrowers in mind. Upon realizing that 15 to 20% of micro finance borrowers use the capital to put up sari-sari stores, the Hapinoy Store Program first focused on aggregating these stores for bulk product discounts.

Source: CNN iReport (link opens in a new window)

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