Why settle for single-digit margins, asks C.K. Prahalad, when there’s greater game afoot?

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

“Look at which industries are growing rapidly. Take cell phones. There are 300 million cell phones in China, and not all are in the hands of rich people. There are 40 million cell phones in India, and they’re adding 1.5 million new subscribers per month. Again, not all rich people. It is poor people, ordinary people, on whose backs these businesses are being built. If you take three countries-China, India, and Brazil-you have 500 million cell phones, compared to 170 million in the United States. Now, if you’re Nokia or Motorola, where do you want to be? That’s not to say, Don’t be in the United States. But if you’re not in China or India, you’re going to miss out on the biggest growth opportunities.” Read full article here.

Source: Accross the Board