This Social Entrepreneur is Transforming Rural Lives

Monday, February 6, 2017

Passionately carrying forward his father’s vision of rural development and ‘bottom-up approach’ as the key to the country’s development, this social entrepreneur Arun Nagpal, Co-founder, Mrida is creating transformational impact on the lives of the rural people with his small interventions.

The degree holder in Mechanical Engineering and a PGDM in Marketing & Finance this and having around 30 years of work experience incorporates, Arun Nagpal founded Mrida with Manoj Khanna and Gurveen Kaur Sood in February 2014. He began his entrepreneurial journey by bringing prosperity to the lives of rural people through his financially viable business models.

These models provide energy access to remote rural villages under Mrida Renergy & Development (P) Ltd, supports cultivation and collection of high value crops, plants and herbs, promotes healthy products and traditional Indian medicine to the consumer under Mrida Greens & Organics Pvt. The Group companies also showcase the tangible benefits and impact of small interventions at the Base of the Pyramid, while providing an opportunity to understand the ground realities of rural India in a relaxed, get-away environment.


Source: Entrepreneur India (link opens in a new window)

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