Three focus areas to boost jobs

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Micro entrepreneurship, artisanship and agriculture are the three promising areas where huge number of jobs can be created, according to Ravi Venkatesan, former Chairman of Microsoft India and presently Chairman of Senior Venture Partners (SVP) India, a network of philanthropists.

Stronger focus on these three areas will go a long way in creating millions of jobs and boosting livelihoods at the bottom of the pyramid, he said while addressing TiE Chennai on Wednesday.

“Most of the activity relating to entrepreneurship is happening in big cities. It is cool to be an entrepreneur, and it is ok to fail also in cities. But the big challenge is to create entrepreneurs in small towns. A lot of work is needed to ignite entrepreneurship in these locations,” Mr. Venkatesan said.

He also stated that artisans segment offered huge potential. “No country has the same rich tradition of art and crafts like India. But the segment has not received the attention it deserved,” he argued.

Source: The Hindu (link opens in a new window)

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