TriplePundit — On Growing Up

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Avid readers will have read the news. This week, TriplePundit was acquired by 3BL Media, the leading provider of distribution services for corporate social responsibility and sustainability news and content. As we whispered a sneak preview to friends and colleagues in person at the Sustainable Brands conference in Detroit last week, it was hard to keep the news to ourselves.

Go ahead and pop the champagne bottles – this is tremendous news for our organization and the sustainability movement as a whole.

Here’s why. We can almost write it with muscle memory. The climate situation is dire. According to the best available science, we needed to curb carbon to zero net emissions by 2020 in order to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. That’s three short years away. Globally, we aren’t anywhere close to reaching that aggressive target and time marches on. Even the landmark commitments the world made in Paris in 2015 remain a question mark, thanks to President Trump’s decision to back out of the U.S. commitment. Climate change is only the beginning. We are also called to tackle political strife, conflicting cultures, economic uncertainty, and a host of other social and environmental issues.

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