Uganda: Executive Style – Managing Patients’ Records for Better Health

Monday, September 23, 2013

Claude VendetteOne Solutions, an ICT support company, is pioneering an innovative ICT-based record-keeping system to improve on operations at health facilities – which will ultimately contribute to the streamlining of processes in the health care delivery system in Uganda. The CEO, Claude Vendette, spoke to The Independent about its benefits.

What is your assessment of health service delivery in Uganda currently?

Health services in Uganda can be divided into three main categories; public, private and research. Although research should not be considered as a health delivery service, for many Ugandans this is the only way they can access health care and good medicines.

Health services in Uganda are characterized by the use of paper and pen to manage medical records. At the same facility, you will find that patients are given a different identification number, if any, at different service points, which makes it challenging to integrate patient’s treatment records and for the doctors to monitor patients’ medical histories.

Often, with public healthcare centers, medical drugs are not properly monitored. You find one facility with a large amount of a given drug that will expire prior to dispensing, while at another facility, patients are leaving without that particular medicine, because it is out of stock at that facility.

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