January 4

UN Report Finds 2030 SDG Targets May Just Be a Dream

By Swati Bhatia

A United Nations report has compiled critical evidence and analysed water and sanitation status from 121 countries and 23 external supporting agencies. It looked into the situation after 2019 post the COVID-19 hiatus and checked for the readiness to tackle the increasing impacts of climate change. 

The Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking-Water (GLAAS) report by UN-Water was published December 2022. There are eight years left to achieve the UN-mandated 2030 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)-6 targets. The report will allow countries to decide the pace for the targets.

The report comes well in time for the 2023 Conference for the Midterm Comprehensive Review of Implementation of the United Nations Decade for Action on Water and Sanitation (2018–2028), also known as the UN 2023 Water Conference. 

The conference is scheduled from March 20-24, 2023 in New York, the United States. The UN General Assembly adopted the resolution for a comprehensive midterm review of the International Decade for Action implementation in 2018.

The GLAAS data shall raise the expectations to renew commitments, pledges and actions in the UN 2023 Water Conference, which shall take up dialogues on water for health, cooperation, sustainable development, climate resilience and environment, etc.

Source: DownToEarth (link opens in a new window)

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