March 16

USAID Head to Resign Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

By Carol Morello

The head of the United States Agency for International Development will step down next month from the nation’s premier arm for humanitarian aid in the midst of a snowballing pandemic.

Mark Green said that his resignation, submitted to President Trump in a letter Sunday, does not stem from any dissatisfaction with the administration’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

“They’re not related at all,” Green said in a telephone interview about his departure from USAID, where he has been the administrator for the last two and a half years.

Green is expected to be replaced, at least temporarily, by Bonnie Glick, the deputy administrator. But his departure leaves the administration with one less experienced hand to help coordinate a worldwide response to what is the most serious crisis to confront the Trump White House. That could have broader implications if the hot spot shifts from Europe, where USAID is less active, to regions where it is more entrenched, such as Africa and Southeast Asia.

Photo courtesy of USAID.

Source: Washington Post (link opens in a new window)

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